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For 128 years, the Chas. F. Hartshorne & Son Insurance Company has been proud to play a part in Wakefield's business and industrial community.

In 1870, two years after the town of South Reading took the name of Wakefield, Massachusetts, Civil War veteran Charles F. Hartshorne began selling insurance.

Chas. F. Hartshorne in the Old Town Hall

Setting up shop in rented space in Wakefield's brand new Town Hall, Charles F. began offering coverage for fire, writing for the Franklin Fire Insurance Company (founded by Benjamin Franklin). An eminent local citizen with a love for his community and an ambition to serve, Mr. Hartshorne served as Selectman in 1871; he began a long career as Town Clerk in 1872.

In the early 1900's, Charles F. was joined in the business by his son, Frederic S. Hartshorne, beginning a family succession which today finds his great-great-grandson, Charles F. Hartshorne and his great grand-daughter-in-law Marion R. (Hartshorne) Orne, running the business.

The insurance business has not been the only Hartshorne family tradition. The family has inherited their patriarch's dedication to community service. Through the years of the town's history, the Hartshorne name has been synonymous with civic contribution, a tradition handed down from father to son. Hartshornes have served on numerous major town boards and have been active in countless charitable and community projects.

From the company's original office in the old Town Hall, where Chas. F. served as Town Clerk, the Hartshorne Agency is still doing business with descendants of many of its first customers in their building at 3 Chestnut Street.

Hartshornes have long been noted for its friendly and competent service to the residents of Wakefield and to the community itself. By the same token, a direct reflection of the confidence placed in the firm by the community has been responsible for the company's outstanding success.

Our Insurance Carriers

In the company's earliest days, its primary interest was in fire insurance, offered through the Franklin Fire Insurance Company. As the following business card will show, by the 1890's Hartshorne's was also offering coverage on life, accident and plate glass.

As the town grew and its business community expanded, Hartshorne Insurance grew too, extending its operation to writing policies of all kinds. Through the years of the community's growth, the Hartshorne Agency has written protection for property, personal and real; persons and places extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific; from Maine to Florida. The agency now offers coverage through the following companies.

Commerce Insurance

Great American Insurance

Merrimack Mutual

National Grange Mutual

Travelers Insurance

Vermont Mutual

Western Surety

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