Wakefield Recycles

Curbside Recycling is mandatory, as total participation is a part of the solution to the serious solid waste problem that we all face. The Town of Wakefield has supplied to each household a plastic bin for recyclable materials. Replacement bins are available from the Department of Public Works at the Town Hall (Main and Lafayette Streets) for $6.00.

Curbside recycling in town is mandatory. Every household is required to place in that bin all recycled materials as follows:

All glass, unbroken, and excluding light bulbs, ceramics and plate glass. All glass should have caps removed and must be cleaned and rinsed.

Aluminum cans (cleaned and rinsed)

Tin cans (cleaned and rinsed)

Newspapers and magazines, bagged in a brown paper bag or tied in bundles and placed beside or on top of the bin.

Brown, corrugated cardboard is also recycled at curbside. Cardboard should be flattened, no larger than 3 feet in length, and tied with string or placed in paper bags beside the recycling container.

Plastics #1 and #2, excluding butter containers and yogurt containers.

Phone books (during designated weeks)

Scrap metals - white goods one, on the last full week of the month on the regular trash day. Doors must be removed.

Recycling is done bi-weekly, and is collected with your regular trash. Recycling bins must be placed at curbside along with other rubbish on the normal recycling collection day which will occur every other week on the regular rubbish collection day, and will be collected by the contractor. If the material placed in teh bin is not recyclable, it will be left in the bin and the resident will need to removed it before the next collection. It's easy to know what week your recycling will be collected once you know if you are a Blue Week or Red Week for collection.

The Department of Public Works (246-6300) can let you know when your recycling day is -- you'll be given either a red or blue lettered bin, which will help you remember when to put it out. Recycling schedules (as far as which week -- red or blue -- is being collected) are placed in the local newspapers. You can also see recyling schedules on the Community Bulletin Board on WCAT (cable channels 3 and 16).

Information supplied by the Wakefield Chamber of Commerce.

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