Wakefield Public Schools

The system is comprised of four elementary schools (grades K-4),

the Galvin Middle School (grades 5 - 8)

and Wakefield Memorial High School.

An alternative High School is also provided for identified students.

Curriculum articulation on the K-12 level is all academic areas takes place on an on-going basis and through the staff development program. An integrated approach in all curriculum areas is being implemented at all levels. A successful study skills program has been in operation for the past several years. Foreign language offerings include French, Spanish and Latin.

Advanced placement courses are offered to qualified students in English, calculus, biology, physics, U.S. history and government.

An outstanding instrumental music program and comprehensive sports program is available to students. Many of Wakefield's Odyssey of the Mind (OM) teams advanced to the state finals in 1997.



Resident Students attending local public schools: 90.7% (statewide average: 87.5%)

Age of child to start kindergarten: five years old, as of August 31.

Pupil-Staff ratio (1992): 14.1 - 1 (state average: 15.6 - 1)

Fiscal Investment in Schools (1994 figures)

Per Pupil Expenditures

Elementary $4,265 (state average: $4,054)

Middle School $4,980 (state average: $4,548)

High School $6,589 (state average: $5,465)



Questions about Wakefield Public Schools can be addressed to

Superintendent Maynard Suffredini, at 60 Farm Street, Wakefield, MA 01880 (617-246-6400).

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